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CO2 emissions or excessive noise are the issues of today for many municipalities. This is the reason why municipalities try to lead by example switching to electric fleets. They also support building EV charging station networks, the lack which now represents the main barrier to the development of electromobility.

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The issues of Smart Cities and Smart Villages are no more just theories as the systems of smart transport infrastructure are now being put into practice. A lot of smart solutions are also supported by various European or national grants. VOLTDRIVE participates in many projects connected with the development of electromobility and offers their solutions to both municipality representatives and the organizations in charge of municipality transport and road networks. The number of projects in this field is increasing every year. Obviously electromobility has also reached small villages, where the issue of Smart Villages has become a part of many projects following the current priorities of the European Commission.

But the key factor is the approach of the public sector, particularly municipal councils, towards the building of the EV charging station infrastructure.  The average commuting distance is up to 60 km, which is an ideal distance for the development of electromobility. Although the number of EV charging points in Europe exceeded 190,000 in 2019, it is still not enough compared to the number of expected electric vehicles on European roads.

Why to choose VOLTDRIVE?

The VOLTDRIVE brand provides an ideal solution for the installation of EV charging stations from historical city centres to small villages. Since the very beginning, VOLTDRIVE charging stations have been developed with the emphasis on the needs of the European market with all its particularities. We are fully prepared to participate in the development of electromobility in your city or village.

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