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If you provide accommodation services or work in tourism, you have to expect your guests to arrive in electric vehicles. Providing enough parking spaces fitted with charging stations is the basis of your business.

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The world of tourism today requires providing quality services anywhere in Europe. Your guests deserve the best, too. VOLTDRIVE charging stations are an ideal solution for hotels in the city centres, amusement parks, ski resorts or guesthouses in tourist destinations.

Why is it important to build EV charging stations in tourism?

  • You will provide your guests with modern services.
  • You will gain new customers.
  • You will improve the image of your projects.
  • You can profit from providing new services.
  • International search servers prefer hotels with EV charging stations.

Why to choose VOLTDRIVE?

It is not only about local markets. For example, in Germany the sales of electric vehicles for the past two years, also with regard to a little delay, have risen over one million. Germany is an important business partner to many European countries and German drivers coming to other countries will need to charge their electric vehicles somewhere. VOLTDRIVE charging stations are variable enough to be adjusted to your needs, not only in terms of the charging power. The stations can be installed indoor in parking lots or you can choose a bollard design that is highly durable and safe for outdoor operation.
Businesses in tourism can also take full advantage of smart charging stations which accept cashless payments and issue receipts/bills.  You can run VOLTDRIVE charging stations yourself without being limited in the future by any contracts or licences.

Do you run a hotel or a guesthouse? Do you have a tourism project?