Developers and Investors

Real estate investments have always been a source of income sought after by many people. New trends do not only require high speed internet connections and smart homes, but also the possibilities of charging electric vehicles.

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Everybody knows the price of housing with parking spaces. Especially recently the prices have risen rapidly. Nowadays every new building project includes the implementation of smart building management as its fundamental part. VOLTDRIVE charging stations support full integration into building projects and provide the most effective charging thanks to our unique VoltGuard components ensuring smart consumption with respect to the limits of the grid.

By installing EV charging stations you increase the value of your property or investment project. With the VOLTDRIVE brand you get the certainty of safe and effective solution, which is also completely independent of any future software or upgrade fees and provides full control over the source of new incomes.

Why to choose the VOLTDRIVE brand?

Not only because of the years of experience on the European market. The VOLTDRIVE brand is a safe bet of choosing a direct manufacturer with an individual approach. Everybody can choose from a wide range of our products. A lot of our customers also appreciate the independence of software and licences which might become disadvantageous or limiting in the future. Our VoltGuard components ensure safe and effective consumption of electricity from the grid.

Are you a developer or an investor in real estate? Are you looking for an optimal partner?