Transport Companies and Company Fleets

Do you deliver goods or have a lot of sales representatives? Switching to an electric fleet has to go along with an efficient charging concept to get everything under control and optimize your operational costs.

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VOLTDRIVE has many years of experience supplying their products to corporate clients electrifying their fleets. Companies do not plan to switch to electric vehicles only to lower their fuel and maintenance costs, but also because of their image and marketing when presenting their position on the market or their social responsibilities. Moreover, most cities intend to introduce some restrictions for conventional vehicles to access the city centres. This makes the idea of replacing your company fleet with electric vehicles completely logical.

Why to choose VOLTDRIVE?

Because we offer what you need. Quality, safety, operational durability, service and mainly independence of any central system of licences. Manage the charging of your company vehicles yourself and generate maximum operational savings. You can choose from a wide range of our charging stations and charging components. If you have any individual requirements, we will be happy to tailor the offer to your needs.

Are you planning to electrify your fleet? Do you need a tailor made offer for your planned way of charging?