Filling Station and Parking Lot Operators

Take the advantage of expanding electromobility and improve the range of services within your projects. Charging electric vehicles is also a challenge for the market and opens new space for providing a whole range of services to drivers while they are charging their vehicles. Take the opportunity and develop your business activities.

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The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) predicts there will be almost two hundred fifty million electric vehicles on the roads in 2030. These vehicles must also be charged somewhere else than only when parked at home. However, most countries do not have enough permanent parking spaces or garages for almost half of their vehicles.
VOLTDRIVE charging stations are a great solution for the public infrastructure. They are highly durable and provide a wide range of operational functions like issuing receipts/bills and cashless payments. The constructional design of VOLTDRIVE charging stations is made to meet all European standards allowing easier installation within larger projects. Our VoltGuard components ensure safe operation and provide control over the main as well as the optional accessories.

Why to choose VOLTDRIVE?

VOLTDRIVE is a direct EV charging station manufacturer. With our product you get the certainty of high quality and full service within the used technology.

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