EVMS fast charging stations provide charging of all electric vehicles compatible with the CCS and ChaDeMo standards.
This easily configurable 60kW fast charging station with one or two outlets meets the needs of every customer. It can be fitted with 22 kW AC outlet for AC charging.

  • DC charging station supporting the CSS + ChaDeMo standards
  • Cable 4 m long
  • RFID card authorisation
  • OCPP 1.6 protocol
  • Simultaneous CCS charging 30 kW each (or CCS + ChaDeMo)
  • Reliable, sturdy and modular construction
  • Touch display

Outlet Configuration

  • 1x CCS2
  • 1x CHAdeMO, 1x CCS2 simultaneous charging
  • 2x CCS2 simultaneous charging
  • Every DC output configuration can be fitted with 1x AC cable TYPE2 (22kW), enables simultaneous charging