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10 reasons for eMobility

1. Modern and economical transport
According to EV operation researches, owners of electric vehicles make significant savings even with falling oil prices.

2. Safety
Modern technologies and the development of driverless cars are heading towards a revolution in traffic safety.

3. Low costs
Electric vehicles have fewer components; they are less prone to failure and feature lower service and maintenance costs.

4. Independence
Electromobility breaks you free from your dependency on filling stations. Electricity is now widely available and enables you to charge your electric vehicle almost anywhere in the world. But charging stations make charging much faster and more efficient.

5. Comfort
Say goodbye to oil and petrol stains on your hands. Electric vehicles are much cleaner and more comfortable. Getting used to new clean standards is very pleasant.

6. Minimum noise
Electric vehicles are so quiet that, for safety of other road users (particularly pedestrians and cyclists), they have to make some noise independently of their electric engines. Reducing noise in cities and savings with no need to build noise barriers bring another significant change in standards of living.

7. Ecology
Fossil fuels and oils have been significantly burdening our planet for more than 100 years. Electromobility is a crucial step to prevent further devastation of our planet, where clean water and air are the issues of today in every continent. Electromobility is now the only effective way to mitigate and slow down the climate change impacts in transport.

8. Synergy and divergence
Electromobility is connected with the trends of alternative sources of energy and the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). The development of Smart Cities and Smart Villages primarily counts with new trends of sophisticated transport.

9. Smart Grids
A problematic factor of electricity distribution grids has always been low overnight consumption compared to morning and evening peaks. Charging electric vehicles at night increases the efficiency of sources and continuous electricity distribution.

10. Fair conditions
Nowadays drivers often find it difficult to make out between different parameters, standards and qualities of fossil fuels. Electric vehicles set a clear parameter of the power source and provide fair conditions for operation and transparent comparison of vehicles.

Electromobility is similar to the challenge people faced 100 years ago when they were dealing with the development and potential of aviation. Nowadays we know that human development is connected with new opportunities for progress, which we have to keep discovering.