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VOLTDRIVE is a leading Czech producer of charging stations and components for building networks and electromobility.

VOLTDRIVE was established in 2010 in Prostejov, Czech Republic, where you can now find the production plant and the technology centre. Since the beginning the company has been based on a team of specialists and developers integrating their experience in ICT, telecommunication and power engineering. This has made the VOLTDRIVE brand the pioneer in electromobility, as you can see in the references from major companies on the Czech energy market.

The VOLTDRIVE product range varies from complex solutions for home charging stations to public charging stations including “smart” solutions and operational functionalities.

All our stations and products meet the highest standards with respect to the dynamic development in the field of electromobility. VOLTDRIVE products are developed by top designers and specialist in distribution systems and ICT.

VOLTDRIVE also provides complex technology and expertise in building charging infrastructures for municipalities and commercial organisations. The years of experience on the Czech and international markets enable the company to meet a wide range of customers’ requirements. The VOLTDRIVE concept is to provide any technical options required by customers using a variable station interior assembly. This enables fitting charging stations with various numbers and types of sockets, various types of control systems and methods of user registration and payment and various communication methods, from local to remote online connection. VOLTDRIVE charging stations are made to enable close collaboration with energy companies featuring technologies and processes energy companies are familiar with.

VOLTDRIVE continues in the tradition of a prominent position of Czech brands in automotive industry. Our charging stations also provide the best solution for your investment, both as a client and a business partner, in a trendy field of electromobility.

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